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Writ will be dropped tomorrow…

After today’s damning rulings that the Speaker has leveled against the ReformCons, Harper will have no choice but to visit Rideau Hall tomorrow.

Here’s why:

He simply cannot allow the Opposition time to build a platform based on honesty, integrity and transparency. Harper would lose such an election.

His strength is the economy. The Grits, Bloq and Dippers know that and will not win an election where the budget becomes the platform.

So The Robot will power up his lithium batteries and trudge his way through tomorrow’s snowstorm and ask the GG to dissolve Parliament.

Let the games begin


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  1. ck says:

    So stupid! Selling an austerity budget?

    Win on economy when the Harpercons put us in the biggest deficit in history after inheriting a surplus from the Liberals?

    The fact that we rode the economy somewhat better than many is because of Paul Martin, not the Harpercons. In fact, if Steve had his majority back in the days the US was pressuring Canada to deregulate, Steve would’ve deregulated in a hurry and we would’ve been in the same mess as the rest of them. In fact, give Steve his majority, who’s to say he won’t undo all of Paul Martin’s regulations and safeguards?

    Seriously, if anyone can’t sell that and even find a way to put it on a bumper sticker, then they need to can the PR people they have and find new ones.

  2. To be fair, no party currently sitting in government can build a platform on any of honesty, integrity, or transparency. People haven’t forgotten Liberal graft the last time around.

    1. trashee says:

      My worry is that Canadians are so tuned out to what is happening that they just don’t give a shit and will stay away from the polls… leaving it wide open for the Cons to mobilise their core supporters and win a majority with sub-50% voter turnout. Could happen….

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