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March 6th, 2011:

Hey! Ottawa public works! Why was there water, water everywhere?

I just had to scribble down a few words lamenting the horrible state of the City’s roads and streets yesterday.

Yes, we were inundated with rain, so some flooding was to be expected. But what was not expected – or necessary – was the presence of several lakes on many of the City’s roads. There were several accidents around the City that were attributable to “water on the roads”.

As in lots of water. Conroy was a small sea just south of Walkley. Canterbury and Arch resembled Dow’s Lake. And it was as if all of City’s pools had emptied their contents smack on Hunt Club west of Conroy.

And why? Because the storm grates had not been cleared of ice and snow. These grates – if clear – allow for the speedy passage of water off of the road and into the storm sewer system.

Residential street grates can be kept clear by folks on the street. I do this myself. All it takes is a shovel and a scraper I picked up from Rona for 20 bucks. But there is little likelihood that I’m going to pull over on Conroy, Walkley or Hunt Club to clear the grates that SHOULD have been taken care of by City workers. No death wish here!

So how about it Mr. Mayor? Where was everyone yesterday?