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Ontario Hydro and Agent Orange

This is a tad disturbing.

Seems as though a few decades back, Ontario Hydro went a bit crazy with that popular defoliant, Agent Orange. You know, the one used in Vietnam?

And in my old neck of the woods (so to speak).

I might have come across the after effects as a kid. I clearly recall riding in the dump truck with my Dad around about 1972 or so and seeing swaths of bush cleared out along power line corridors. It almost looked like it had been burned.

“Every power line in Ontario was sprayed,” said Sidney Rodger, a former Hydro supervisor who worked in Eastern Ontario from 1958 to 1968. “All this spraying was done in urban and rural areas with no regard for creeks and streams or residents and wildlife.”

Wow. How times have changed. We sometimes sorta care about the environment now and then – as long as it doesn’t cost much inconvenience us or create any negative publicity.

And, of course, Hydro One must be taking some responsibility for the employees’ negative health outcomes that have resulted from exposure to the chemicals? Right?

Hydro One pointed the Star to a different study, based on a questionnaire, that concluded forestry workers who were routinely exposed to poisonous herbicides were no more likely to die of cancer than men in the general population, though it did show a significant increase in suicide.

Or not.


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