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Is the blog really dead?

Warren Kinsella thinks so.

Do you?

Has the blog been surpassed by Twitter and Facebook as the communication tool of choice? Already?

Food for thought.

My take is that blogs will go back to being what they were in the early years (10ish years ago) – very narrowly-focused issue-based discussion forums – rather than rambling prose wandering  across all levels of subject matter and quality.

Blogs are not dead but will undergo quite a transformation in the next few years.

But my crystal ball is in the shop for repairs right now…

And I’m not quite ready to pack in Trashy’s World just yet…


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  1. I’m not convinced that Twitter is a lasting medium. It seems to be all about noise, not about substance… people talking, but nobody listening.

    Is it useful? Mildly, perhaps, but its utility seems to be highly overrated.

    Facebook is much more like the original blog than most people remember… all those updates with little blurbs.

    I agree that blogs will undergo some changes, but they’re not dead. I wouldn’t invest in Twitter, frankly, and I’m thinking that about a year or so after Facebook finally goes public, it might be worth shorting a bunch.

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