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February 18th, 2011:

Friday miscellany – Hugh Segal, OC Transpo and Justin Bieber! And more!

Hugh Segal is calling for a North American union!

If sovereignty is an instrument to be used to expand freedom and opportunity, then surely the use by us of our own sovereignty to build a North American Community must also be seen as an attempt to create a larger society that reflects our values and priorities. This should be a Conservative and conservative priority.

Align ourselves closer with the States??? Is he on crack? He he seen their über-gazillion dollar deficit and ÜBER-über-gazillion dollar debt? Their crime?


And Mexico???

C’mon Hugh – quit hitting the bong before writing!

Justin Bieber

OK – there it goes. My blog has been a Bieber-free zone, but I had to say something about his Rolling Stone interview.

First – the kid is 16. Sixteen. Why the hell would the RS ask questions about his views on abortion? C’mon!

And this picture:

Not only is he all dolled up to look like a male version of a floozy. But HOW DARE RS write a piece on one of the greatest bands of all time in the same issue as Bieber! Joe Strummer is rolling in his grave!

Harper – Fire her.

Arsenal: you rock! Now to wrap up a match against Leyton Orient in the FA, Beat Birmingham for the Carling Cup, beat Barca at Camp Nue on the second leg and continue the march to the EPL championship! A quadruple is close at hand!

An OC Transpo driver was yelling obscenities at a passenger and he was caught on a cell phone camera.

I saw a teenager being whisked away by Transpo cops after a loud back and forth with a couple of other “special” constables.

The open data project winner’s app being pulled because a) OC Transpo wants to make a few bucks off of it and b) better monitoring of bus arrival times through publicly available apps using GPS technology – well, that would show some things that perhaps the organization does not want see.

Now this: seems the ATU is pissed off again.

Complaining that the city has unilaterally imposed a work-booking system on OC Transpo drivers when an arbitrator ordered the city and union to negotiate one together, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 279 has cut off bargaining with the City of Ottawa.

Oh great. Mayor Watson? City Council? Maybe locking this union out – in July – might do the trick!

And oh, public relations isn’t exactly OC Transpo’s strong point, is it?

First Tunisia, then Egypt, then Yemen, then Bahrain, then Libya, who is next? Interesting times, indeed!