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10 things about Trashy…

… that you didn’t know or didn’t care enough about to ask.

But I’m starving for a topic today so this is the best I can come up with!

1) “Trashy”? Wassup with that?

In my place of employment – which I cannot name cuz I’ll get my hand slapped – I was responsible for a project that involved the waste management industry. Soon after taking on the project back in 1998, one of my colleagues started to call me Trashy in emails that went back and forth between my hockey pool buddies. I have had a few nicknames in my life, but this one stuck. And I liked it.

Plus, it is the name of my favourite character in Stephen King’s The Stand. Don’t ask. I’m weird that way.

I have from time to time considered changing the name of this blog to something more “professional”. But I’m kinda attached to Trashy’s World… at least for now.

2) What is one thing that annoys you most.

Being late. And that applies to me as welll as to others. A nine o’clock meeting means NINE O’CLOCK! Why don’t some people “get” that?

3) What is the most serious issue facing Canada?

Political apathy. If folks don’t care, the pols know that and feel free to pretty much do what they want. We are almost at that point in Canada. I really don’t know what to do about it, but having a leader or three who would show real and intelligent leadership would be a start. Our country – and much of the world – is dumbing down to a level unseen in modern times. Every issue has to be violently and vitriolically confronted by those who disagree. Intelligent discourse has been truncated to 140 character Tweets on Twitter. And politicians of all stripes at all levels strive to find that lowest of lowest common denominators in a neverending quest for votes. It’s all about that. And policy discourse is non-existent.

Truly sad.

4) Speaking of politicians, where are you on the spectrum… cuz sometimes you seem all over the place.

I don’t like the left and right thing. It is seldom that simple. And I have seldom met someone who is on the “left” on every issue or on the “right”. I prefer to classify my stances according to the issue. Extremists at both ends of the pole would like to think that they are 100% consistent in their beliefs – but I am yet to meet someone who truly is.

I am a pro-choice, anti-capital punishment, anti-gun, pacifist who thinks that everyone should be able to marry whomever they wish regardless of sex… and that climate change is real!

But I am also someone who believes that the State does not belong in all aspects of our lives. Outside of education, health, social security, national security and public infrastructure, the day to day involvement of the state in the lives of most Canadians should be minimal.

And fiscally-speaking, governments should not run deficits unless it is absolutely necessary. The current one that the Cons have accumulated does NOT fall into this category.

As well, while the state should provide a safety net for those in true need,  people should not feel a sense of entitlement to all that life has to offer unless they make an attempt at earning it. The social safety net should be a net and not a home.

OK – get the idea? I AM all over the map.

5) So, OK, you are a politically messed up. Which party do you feel closest to?

Right now, there isn’t one. Maybe the Greens. I have belonged to the Dippers, Grits and the PCs for a short time. I guess I would now fit in as a Red Tory or a maybe a middle of the road Grit… but neither of them today.

6) What is your favourite pet?

None of the above. I’m not a fan of pets. I prefer people. We have a cat because my daughter wanted one.

7) Why do you shave your head?

I’m not sure anymore. I just like it this way. Though razor blades are getting more and more expensive…

8) Will there be a federal election this year?

You betcha. 50/50 on whether or not Harper will get his much-lusted-over majority.

9) Since you were a School Board Trustee candidate in the past election, you must be following with some interest the comings and goings on Greenbank Road.

Yup. And I have seen some good things happening there. Some of the Trustees have been quite sensitive to parents’ concerns and have taken action. That being said, I was disappointed when I saw the list of capital projects identified as priorities for the Board from now until 2014 – and not one single school from Zone 6 was on the list.

But the Board has some big challenges over the coming months and years. Fighting Queens Park for more funding and a better funding formula is on top of that list. But building better bridges with Ottawa’s pre-school community has to be addressed as well.

10) Will the Leafs make the playoffs?

No. But they will come tantalizingly close. I do pity Sen fans these days…


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