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2011 Super Ex cancelled… meh.

I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t label me as Mr. Fun Hater, but I took the news about the decision to cancel the 2011 SuperEx with little more than a slight shrug of my shoulders. Organizers claim that the availability of a suitable venue is the main reason behind the decision.

Board member Colin McSweeney said the CCEA was hoping it could hold the event on a site near Albion Road, in Ottawa’s south end, but that would not have the necessities in place by August.

“The problem is there is that the infrastructure is not there yet — water, sewer, electric. It would make it very difficult to hold any type of fair there without that type of infrastructure in place,” McSweeney said.

Organizers are hoping a new home for the event will be ready by 2012.

And I’m sure that this was a contributing factor. But I think that in reality, there is more to it than that.

Large scale carnivals are a disappearing artifact of the 20th century. Today’s kids with their Playstations, Wiis, Internet, and all that 21st century technology has to offer, is a much more attractive source of entertainment for today’s youth. They just don’t “get” the carnival thing.

Why deal with a-hole, chain-smoking, hygiene-challenged carnies when you have so many other more palatable options?

There are many, many, many agricultural fairs in Ottawa and environs, so who needs a Super Ex anyways? I love these smalltownish exhibitions with the giant tomatoes and “best Holstein in class” contests.  They remind me of the Foley Fall Fairs that I used to attend as a kid.

I know, I know… I’m not originally from ByTown so do not have those sweet childhood memories of the place, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh. But the day of the circus sideshow freaks finally saw the way to the exit… maybe now is the time for the old time carnival to follow the freaks.


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