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February 4th, 2011:

Friday miscellany

So the Harperites are spending a cool $6.5 million to brag about how they have been the tax warriors extraordinaireI say that is a blatant use of public funds to promote the ReformCon agenda!

But what’s that you say? You know that this ol’ Trashman is anti-Harper anyways and will grasp at anything to put down his initiatives. Show me, you say, someone who should be more Harper friendly. Like these guys for instance, they must think that this $6.6 mill is money well spent, right?

“It’s hard not to see this as anything but government electioneering at taxpayer expense,” said Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation president Kevin Gaudet.

Meanwhile, the greater economic value of the very tax cuts that are featured in the ads – which the government describes as tax expenditures – is being questioned in a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute.

Oh, um, OK. Even the very group that Harper used to lead sees this as a waste of tax dollars… and even the value of the cuts themselves are being questioned by a right-wing think tank.

Geez… who needs enemies???

Meanwhile, over at Fox “News”:


Repeat after me: Egypt is in AFRICA!

Good post over at Gordo’s blog about how TV used to be before the days of INCESSANT ADS DURING A SHOW OR SPORT!

Ahem. Sorry for the CAPS… but it does bug the crap out of me when I’m watching football and right at the snap, a little bell goes off and there is an ad for Cialis or Volkswagen at the bottom of the screen… speaking of VW, have you seen this?


The deadline for applications for membership on City Advisory Committees and Boards is at 4:30 today, so if you are interested… get your buns in gear!

Nice to see a OCDSB Trustee act on a legitimate concern by a parent. Last week when the extreme chills hit Ottawa, a parent on Twitter wondered why her child was being sent outside despite the fact that the temperature was about -38 with the windchill.  The parent – and I agreed – that this seemed a little extreme so Trustee Mark Fisher was asked about the Board Policy regarding when Principals were obliged to keep the kids inside. Turns out the threshold is -35… way too low in my estimation.

So, does Mark just let this go? Nope he responds back to the other parent and I that he is introducing a motion to address this (I am unsure about what exactly the motion entails) and that it will come up on one of the Committee agenda in the near future. Good work, Mark – you listened and responded in a timely manner. That is really what most parents want to see from their Trustee!

Finally, Tomorrow is a bit of an important day for me, check my new post in the morning.