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Democracy seems to be catching.

But I am more than a little worried that this may not turn out well in the end as Mubarek desperately clings to power.

From this G&M report, it sounds like anarchy reigns at the moment in the streets of Cairo. Cell phone service is sketchy. SMS capability has been cut off. The Interweb has been shut down. The government is doing all it can to keep protesters from communicating with each other and organize protests. But it doesn’t seem to be working. More riots, more looting and more uncertainty.

Almost all businesses have remained closed today, except for those cleaning up from the overnight attacks by roving gangs of looters. The posh Arkadio shopping mall near the World Trade Centre and beside the Fairmont Hotel was looted and set ablaze last night. In early afternoon, black smoke continued to pour from the building.

Today, a couple of fighter jets did a low and slow fly-over of the protesters.

Surely they wouldn’t turn their guns and bombs on their fellow citizens, would they?

And which Arab nation is next?


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