Evil Empire sending more Death Stars to Canada!

Oh goody.

Just the news I like to see on what is already a dreary and grey Ottawa day.

Walmart is planning on opening 40 so-called “supercenters” in Canada by year’s end. They claim it will generate 9,200 jobs.

Having never set foot inside one of these dens of phthalates and underpaid labour,  I really have no idea what a “supercenter” consists of?

Super-sized customers?

Super-crappy products?

Supercilious managers?

Superficial adherence to basic health and safety requirements?

Or the fact that these blue boxes plopped in the middle of everywhere are a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious blight on the landscape.



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  1. Yeah, yeah… I know it shows that we Canadians like cheap crap just as much as our neighbours to the south.
    I just feel a little sorry for the small independent shops who usually have a lifespan of but a few years after a Walmart locates to their area…
    One just opened in Kemptville… and who wants to bet that there will be numerous “out of business” signs going up in that burgh within a few years.

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