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January 25th, 2011:

L’équip «votez pour les Conservateurs!»

Now THIS is going to be interesting!

As reported by, all 5 of the CPC’s Québec City area ridings are at risk if they choose to not fund a new arena for the City – and thus prop up their chances of regaining and NHL franchise.

The poll shows that the Tories are not even secure in their “fortress” of Quebec City. But, the poll (quite excellently) asks how voting intentions might change if the Conservatives decide to fund the planned hockey arena for the city.

The Conservatives could potentially put all five of their seats in the region at risk if they don’t fund it. Fully 23% of Conservative supporters in and around Quebec City would vote for another party if the funding doesn’t come. That would drop the Conservatives to only 22%, and likely mean they would be swept from the city.

However, if they fund the arena 24% of people planning to vote for one of the other parties would switch to the Conservatives. Assuming they keep the support they currently have, that would bump them up to 46% in the city and almost certainly mean a sweep of all seven ridings.

I would love to see a team there… as I would in Winnipeg. They should never have lost the Nordiques and the jets in the first place. But times were different then – what with the 65 cent dollar and all.

But the fun part of all this will be how the CPC dances around this issue knowing full well that their absence at the funding table may well mean no majority government. Five seats could easily swing the pendulum either way.

They really CAN’T support sports “welfare” without looking totally hypocritical! The Opposition Grits and Dippers would pounce on it! Hell! They don’t have anything to gain in that part of Quebec!

But the Bloq would have a field day, wouldn’t they?

The SH government hasn’t had a lot of lose-lose situations in the past 5 years. It will be interesting to see how they spin this.

Stay tuned!