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To infinity, and beyond!

So, starting in 2013, a company is going to be offering space excursions for normal run-of-the-mill folks. Provided you’re a normal, run-of-the-mill folk who happens to have gazillions of dollars just hanging around.

Me? I’d love to do it, but am a few gazillion short of the fee. But I AM willing to pony up a few bucks to send one of our distinguished Canadians on the trip. It is said that seeing the earth from space is a life changing experience and that the whole meaning of the word “perspective” becomes crystal clear. Most, if not all, of our so-called political leaders could use that.

So, who’s with me and who should we send? Harper (maybe he won’t return)? Iggy? Ezra Levant? Rob Ford?

Hmmm… I know!


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