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Friday miscellany

OK. I promise! NOTHING about censorship! NOTHING about bombastic idiots!

Still there?


Attention all Ottawans! So you think you can do better than the elected folks at City Hall? Better than the paid staff?

Then prove it!

The City of Ottawa has posted a link on their site for those who might be interested in applying for membership on one of their voluntary Advisory Boards and Committees.

Which advisory committees need volunteers?

Which committees and boards need volunteers?

Note: City staff has been directed to conduct an in-depth review of public engagement and report back in the summer of 2011. As a result, there may be changes to the advisory committee structure referenced below.

  • Ottawa Transit Commission – NEW!
  • License and Property Standards – NEW!
  • Cumberland Heritage Village Museum Board
  • Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority
  • Ottawa Municipal Campground Authority
  • Pineview Municipal Golf Club Board of Management
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
  • South Nation Conservation Authority

So if you think you have something to contribute to your City, All applications must be received before 4:30 pm on Friday, February 4, 2011.

Bought a new car this week!

Nothing that fancy-schmancy… just a Chevy Mailbu – fully loaded, though. But it’s a helluva classier than the minivan that we have leased for the past 4 years! The beast was so big that the postal code in the front seat was different in the back! A pig on gas and tough to park… we will miss the ABUNDANT room but the Resident Love Goddess and I were happy to see it go.But here is a question for you: why do we, in this day and age, have to go through the same old song and dance at the dealership that our parents did 40-50 years ago? I mean, the sales-guy was all helpful and all, but 21st century, they are not! We did all the research on line, knew what we wanted to pay, etc., but I (my wife refuses to be involved in car “negotiations”) still had to go through a 3 hour “thing” where the sales guy had to go back and forth to his supervisor, yadda-yadda-yadda…

You want to make a fortune? Set up a dealership where a buyer who knows what they want and what they will pay does not have to go through the whole routine! Those were 3 hours that I will never get back!

It has been 10 years since the first same-sex marriage in Canada! And their right to marry has survived court challenges over that time.  Congrats to all! And keep the guard up – you know that thee are those who would take this right away from you if given the opportunity.


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