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(BWOW) Blog or Website Of the Week…

I’m starting something a little different this week. As in different from opining on the fools on the Hill, pinheads at Queen’s Park, blokes in City Hall or oafs at OC Transpo or (at least some of) the Trustees on Greenbank Road.

Instead, I am going to dedicate my Monday post to a fave blog or website and talk a bit about why I think you should give it a look-see. Like most of you, I tend to drop by the same ol’ places on this InterWeb thingy – and there is a reason for that – I either find the subject matter interesting, they are well-written, or they deal with something that is a little off the beaten trail… or all of the above.

So I’ll give this a go for a few months or more… might be fun.

First up – Bottledj

Steve is a guy in Montreal who loves music, loves wine and sees and describes the interaction between the 4th and 5th loves of his life (his two kids and spousal unit come first, of course). The tag line for his site is Where Wine & Music Get Mixed, Matched And Paired, which is about the best way to describe his work here.

For example, in December he reviewed a Bulgarian wine, Vinprom Yambol Persona Syrah 2008 and quite eloquently describes as follows:

The only taste note that I would add to that found on the bottle is dark chocolate.  I find the finish bitter, but I like bitter so that is more than fine with me.  Compared to a French St. Joseph, this wine has less accent on the fruit and more on the savoury, and compared to popular entry level Aussie Shiraz, this has a very natural and restrained feel.  Good Stuff.

Steve is one Habs fan that knows wine – which is a bit unusual because, as we all know, Hab fans are a tad unsophisticated.

But I digress.

After reviewing the wine,  he matches the wine with a tune – in this case Hungry Like the Wolf, by Duran Duran. Here’s how he describes this rationale for the pairing:

Soft and full bodied describes the best of Duran Duran and their ability to make rock that is enjoyable, accessible, familiar yet distinct.  This song is sung from a misogynist point of view, but Duran Duran keep it interesting for ladies, and I think the wine does the same thing.  This would be the perfect house red in most casual restaurants, and I am sucker for 80′s rock while I dine.

Give Bottledj a visit – it’s a good read for wine and music fans alike – you’ll thank me.


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  1. (BWOW) Blog or Website Of the Week… |
    Trashy’s World That is excellent to know, you gave me
    something to consider on commute to house from my moms. Will you be
    writing much more about this topic? FYI I tried your rss button and
    it didnt work. I will try again in a couple of hours.

  2. Like any good DJ I do take requests, if your readers have a favourite wine from the LCBO or SAQ I will give it a spin. I hope your readers don’t have too expensive tastes!

    Thanks for the accolades and keep up “Spit Distrubin'” Dissidence and discaccord are healthy in a healthy society.

    I guess you had a moment away from your busy schedule of planning the next Buds Cup Parade….

    PS. I love Brian Mulroney.

    1. trashee says:

      Well, I am always trying new approaches to what I scribble using this medium. I really don’t like being labelled a * fill in the blank * blog… though my main interests are political and educational, I do like to mix it up a bit. And there are many blogs and websites that I thoroughly enjoy and will like to talk about.
      The WordPress theme that I am using is pretty cool as it displays summaries of the past 4 posts across its banner… this has increased my traffic a bit as I now average well over 100 uniques per day… not rarefied air territory, but not bad traffic.

      1. Laura says:

        Thank you for the new blog suggestion. You had me at Duran Duran, add wine?! Sounds fantastic. I look forward to checking it out.

        1. trashee says:

          You’re welcome Laura! And Duran Duran is my vintage… you wouldn’t believe the “do” I had in my early 20’s… yikes!
          I really think Steve is on to something… throw a wine suggestion his way and he’ll come up with a song to pair it with!

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