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John Lennon – 30 years on…

It has now been 30 years since the assassination of a man of peace. And still the memories of that day stick in my mind as if it were only yesterday.

And still peace is only a lofty and unattained goal. War and the suffering that results from war is rampant. Nations spend fortunes on machines of destruction. And brave men and women of many nations are fighting and dying for from their homes.

I don’t often re-post something I have written previously, but I liked this when I wrote it last year. And I don’t think I could put it any better today.


I remember with great clarity what I was doing when I heard about Lennon’s death. In my parent’s kitchen, making coffee and listening to CFTR radio, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Who would kill this man of peace?

Although I was too young to have really “experienced” the ’60′s I felt a certain kinship to John Lennon and his hope of peace for all… a hope that I carry to this day and proudly have emblazoned on my chest.

Grade 12 American History was my first class at Parry Sound High School that morning and the mood was downright moribund.  Most of us felt that something tragic and sad had just occurred and the vibes in the room reflected that. But we carried on with our day and our lives. We were young, invincible and hopeful.

Yes, we were hopeful that Lennon’s life and death might touch someone or some people who would have the power to reject violence and embrace peace wherever possible. Yet the Cold War was raging. Military analysts were predicting USSR would intervene in Poland soon. Led Zeppelin was breaking up. Yeah, we were 18, optimistic, and in hindsight, oh-so naïve.

Twenty-nine years later we are still a world gripped by war and violence and all of the suffering that the young and old must endure because of it.  Perhaps it is the human condition to reject peace and embrace violence. Perhaps we really have yet to evolve to a stage where it is the other way around.

Peace, Mr. Lennon. The world still misses you.


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