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Royal weddings, meh…

Warning: If you support having as our head of state a foreign monarch descended from a long line of inbreeding… well, you should probably stop reading this post now.


So. There is going to be a ROYAL WEDDING and monarchists (small case “m” intentional) are all a-flutter about the pomp and ceremony that will be sure to be present when Prince Willy and some rich chick (I forget her name, Katy… Delores… Maggie…??? Help me out here!) get hitched next April at Westminster Abbey.

Oh be still my heart!

C’mon peeps, why is this a big deal? It is a manufactured “event” designed to take attention away from all of the very bad economic problems in the UK. You think I’m wrong? Check this out. The key words here are : “Extraneous events can increase feelings of economic and other well-being,” says Professor Stephen Lea of Exeter University, who specializes in economic psychology.” Meaning, give the people circuses and they’ll back off a bit on the pitchfork brigade.

The sad part – from my eyes, is that this is entirely correct. The Romans were geniuses… give the citizenry gladiators fighting to the death and they will not as much begrudge you your tyranny. It worked damned well for centuries.

Modern leaders and pretenders have learned from this and know the shell game… distract the populace and you can get away with a lot.

And such is the case with this whole royal wedding fiasco.

Look, as much as I am completely not in favour of divinely designated omnipotence, I say let the Brits have their fun and drool all they want over these inbred nuptials! Who cares?

And oh yeah, it’ll cost 5 BILLION quid for the UK economy. So, uh, maybe the Brits should care!

But being here in the “colonies”, I say let them keep their Royal fam-damily on their side of the Atlantic! I am not a fan of our constitutional monarchy and think that one day some government or another will try to cut the ties with the UK and its dysfunctional royal family. Yet even the most optimistic among us know that this is not going to happen anytime soon…

In the meantime, we in Canada, monarchists or not, will be exposed to a frequent barrage of the banal from all types of media concerning the upcoming nuptials… oh, goody.

Do I really need to see this at the grocery store check-out?


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  1. Laura says:

    Good news, Willy is marrying a commoner! (gasp!) The gene pool is about to get lively. 🙂 I thought London has trouble paying for the Olympics. How are they going to pay for the wedding too?

    1. trashee says:

      Why, by raising taxes, of course!
      The Commoners should be more than happy to accept that!

  2. Finola says:

    I am with you completely on this. The worst for me is all of the side-by-side photos of Maggie/Kate beside Diana.

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