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Trashy in China, 3.0 – a walk along the street

Went for a nice long-ish walk at lunch yesterday. It would have been nicer to have taken a longer walk than long-ish, but we really wanted to finish up the day as soon as was practicable. The beautiful weather here won’t last forever. As well, we Canucks know what the weather is like back home – where we’ll be heading toward tomorrow evening – and we want to squeeze in a little more time denying that the crappy weather will soon be de rigeur

On my walk, I took some pics.

I start in the cafeteria where we have our lunch each day. Decorative, isn’t it?

This is the hotel is the site where Richard Nixon’s famous 1968 trip to China took place.

It is located beside a beautiful forest on ginkgo trees is their full yellow fall colours… breath taking! I love the reds of the maple, but these yellows were brilliant!

Who’s that dapper young guy?

Common way to get around in these parts… but even in the short time I have been coming to China, I notice that there are fewer of these and more cars.

So what could this poor guy be carting on this bike? Styrofoam!


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