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Trashy in China, 3.0 – Food! Glorious food!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Topmost of any discussion during our days in Beijing is the question of where to eat that night. Beijing offers a multitude of epicurean choices that cross-cut regions and cultures. No need to ever eat at the same place twice (though we do).

The other night was no exception.

Century eggs. Had ’em at one of our fave duck haunts the other night. And as disgusting as the idea might be, they were actually pretty tasty!

And these were made from yams and sugar. What great presentation!

Last night was dinner at a very good Indian spot just around the corner from the hotel and tonight we may be stopping at a bar high above the Forbidden City. It supposedly has an awesome view and – as a bonus point – serves cocktails made with Baijiu.


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  1. Hazel says:

    They have those eggs in Toronto’s Chinatown. Wrapped in mud- they look like dinosaur eggs.

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