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Trashy in China, 3.0 – Back in the Middle Kingdom

So here we go again…

I felt and feel horrible about the timing of the trip this time around as I left the morning after the election and the RLG was obliged to drive around Ottawa picking up the election signs – have to be removed within 48 hours, doncha know.

I’m not entirely sure what recourse the City would take if they found a sign outside of the time frame… maybe send out a crew of 4 to remove it and then bill me? Yikes!

In any case, the timing did suck and I owe big time! I’ll be doing the single-Daddy thing for a week later in November, but 5 nights versus 10 nights? No comparison.

It’s 2:57 am as I’m writing this as the usual time zone zaniness kicks in. Went to bed early so i did have a pretty good sleep, but if don’t sneak in another 2 or three hours, I’ll be wiped by tonight… especially after a full day of meetings.

The trip over went pretty smooth. The flight from Ottawa to Vancouver was turbulent, but I’ve seen worse. And the leg to Beijing was uneventful save for the jerk behind me who kept opening his window shade while I was trying to nap!

I think the shopping segment of the trip will commence tonight. On my list are shoes and a purse for my RSD/Campaign Manager, a purse for T, and Xmas gifts for the kiddies. I’ll also snag a new leather jacket for myself if the price is right… and of course the obligatory tailor made shirts, pants and maybe a suit for me!

If you have read any of my posts from earlier trips to China, you will know that while I , in general, despise shopping, I love it here!

On tap for the weekend… up in the air, but there was some talk last night over dinner (which was yummy and so inexpensive – I never get over the price of food here!) about a trip to the Summer Palace – haven’t seen that yet. I’d also like to get to Mao’s tomb if there is time.

OK – back to bed… nite-nite.


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