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Interest building in municipal elections

Well, less than 4 weeks to go and the real politicking has begun in Ontario’s election contests. I am, of course, closely following the ones here in O-town, but I also watching the showdown in the Big Smoke. Right now it’s looks like a two man race between Etobicoke Councillor Rob Ford and ex-Grit cabinet Minister George Smitherman. What I don’t understand is WHY O WHY would support this guy Ford???? He is T-dot’s version of mayorlarry! Wake up Land of the Leafs!

Ahem. Now that I have that off my chest, back to ByTown…

A few things have caught my eye with 4 weeks to go:

1) How did a ringroad become an election issue? It wasn’t even on the radar two weeks ago and now it is a major story. I’ll tell ya how: Larry O’s team – even with the turnover we are seeing – are a smart buncha cookies. They saw an opening to at least partially redefine the campaign and they have succeeded. Now to see if the other main candidates can get back on theme.

2) Some Ottawans are getting tired of the “Larry and Jim” show. I wonder if Doucet and the others see this.

3) Word on the street is that Council incumbents are at risk in at least 7 Wards, maybe more. Not to get too much into details, but there has been a bit of a sense of franticness in some of the incumbents messages. Maybe they can afford private polling and don’t like what they see.

(Trashy can’t afford private polling).

4) I’m waiting for the bus strike to emerge as a key issue. Something I hear quite often is that transit users (there are thousands) of us are dying for a chance to punish Council for it’s perceived inaction during the strike. This is also why I believe that this City will not return the Chains of office to mayorlarry. Voters cannot vote out the ATU, but they sure can vote out the Council.

What, in your opinion, has been the biggest issue/nonissue/surprise thus far?


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