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Parents – be advised…

Parents and students – be warned. The Amalgamated Transit Union is saying that there will be problems next week when everyone returns to classes.

I’d take the warning seriously and plan accordingly.

A document obtained by CTV Ottawa from the Amalgamated Transit Union shows 680 bus trips have been cancelled and not backfilled this week, leaving transit users stuck waiting at the curb.

“There was only one bus at St. Laurent and it was so full and everyone was in it. And I had to wait and I came late to school,” said student Hagar Lakhtar, whose bus didn’t show up Friday morning.

The union says this week’s problem is nothing compared to what they expect to see next week.

Bus drivers say if the city doesn’t take action soon, the number of cancelled trips could double for the busy back-to-school and back-to-work rush.

Here’s hoping that we elect a Council that can work with the ATU to ensure that these hiccups do not happen in the future.


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  1. I’m convinced the ATU actually wants the people of Ottawa to hate bus drivers. I’m not sure why, but it really seems they are working toward elminating all possible public support.

    Maybe they’re trying to play the “downtrodden, everyone is against us” card, although I’m not sure what that will buy them.

  2. XUP says:

    You call this a “hiccup”??? It’s yet another major, pointless and totally avoidable fuck up. That’s what it is. Kids going back to school is not an unexpected event for crying out loud. They were going to school 2 months ago. What happened in 2 months? Did they sell off half their fleet of buses and fire most of the drivers because d’uh..suddenly less people were riding the bus? Just like when they decide to not run buses for 2 weeks over Christmas and then are surprised when they won’t start after sitting out in the cold. Being a transit user should NOT be the biggest stressor in a person’s life, but it seriously is in mine. OC Transpo is the most inane, messed up, incompetent, user-unfriendly transit system I’ve ever experienced. Thank you.

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