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Bay Ward is a craaaaazzy place to run for Council

So, Alex Cullen left his Bay Ward Council seat because he didn’t want to do that anymore. He wanted to be Mayor.

But now he has changed his mind and wants to be re-elected in Bay Ward as the Council member.

BUT, he doesn’t rule out a run at the Dipper federal nomination for Ottawa Centre at some time during his tenure as Bay Ward Councillor – thus necessitating an appointment or a costly by-election some time mid-term.

Wow. The guy has chutzpah – I’ll give him that.

I wonder who else will join the race before the cut-off for nominations on the 10th? Here is the list so far:

Ward 7 – Bay

Name Telephone Fax E-mail
Ike Awgu 613-422-9256
Alex Cullen 613-729-8425
George Guirguis 613-262-0123
G.J. Hagenaars 613-686-3965
Peter Heyck 613-853-4251 613-747-9317
Oni Joseph 613-883-9285
Terry Kilrea 613-291-6186
Shawn Little 613-722-7501
Erik Olesen 613-262-9993
Greg Ross 613-820-8309

Mark Taylor

Bart Simpson





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