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Tour de Lance – help if you can

Hi all:

I have never solicited funds for any cause whatsoever on this site, but that is ending now, and I hope you can help.

Cuz this is family.

Brian Millar is my wife’s cousin whose health has been nuked by cancer. The guy was living the life – his life – as a 20-something, when this merciless disease hit him. And hit him hard.

Chemo. Radiation. He’s been down all those roads and right now Brian is on a bit of a dip in that road. But it is one that we are all sure he will rise from.

Brian took this disease and said: “Look. I’m going to make this into something positive and raise a shitload of money so I can ride with Lance Armstrong in the name of cancer research.” Brave frickin’ dudes, both of them. He conquered testicular cancer a while back and has become a general leading the war against this horrific monster of a disease. And Brian is still kicking back at the sonofabitch.

So, here’s the “ask”. Please go to the site and decide if this is worth a few bucks or even just posting the link on your site. Colleen (the Resident Love Goddess) and I want to help and this is the best way I can right now.

Do what you can for Brian and his family. Because man, this is Hell for them. And if they can raise enough funds, maybe their Hell will be a little less painful.



Link to donate.


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