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  1. I hope that our current governmental paralysis is finally teaching people what happens when you don’t exercise your voting rights, and don’t get your opinions out to your elected representatives from time to time.

    And young people don’t engage because they don’t feel it does them any good. So how many young people are thinking, right now in Ontario, “damn I wish I had more voice in what the government does”… hmm, maybe some of those people should have voted in the last election? Maybe they should be pestering their MPP and McSquinty about this new change to the driving laws? Maybe if they didn’t vote, they should STFU and think “this is partly my own fault because I abrogated my voice when I didn’t vote.”

  2. Ken says:

    I think that apathy has been building for a lot longer than just a few years. I think it’s the current younger generation, those that are in their 20s and early 30s that are the main cause of it.

    I remember many years ago my wife (who was not my wife at the time, and we’ve been married for over 15 years now and together for almost 19) said to me “If you get involved in politics, I’ll divorce you.” I tend to have a very strong opinion when it comes to political matters – but that’s how I was raised.

    So what’s different between the generation that you and I are in, and the one coming up behind us?

    Could it be the sense of entitlement that they have? Too much reality TV? Too much instant gratification? Not having the most recent iPhone product?

    Political matters don’t address any of those “issues” for these young people, so maybe that’s why they’re not involved. I’m tempted to take a poll at work today and ask them about the long-form census controversy and see if any of them are aware of it.

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