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August 6th, 2010:

Why does Stevo look like crap?

Judge for yourself.

Doesn’t he look a lot paler to you? Like he has had his blood sucked clear out of his system by his evil, undead masters?

Man, doesn’t he get into the sun at all in the summer? He could grow mushrooms under that chin!

And what’s with those specs? They look kind of intrusive to me… maybe x-ray lenses looking into homes of honest Canadians and counting how many rolls of toilet paper we all have in our vanities!

Just sayin’….


Ah… some comic relief that isn’t named Doris…

Check out this guy, Basil Marceaux, who is the GOP candidate running for the Governors post in Tennessee.

What I don’t get is:

  • How did this guy get through the nomination process? Is the gubernatorial race for the GOP that much of a lost cause?
  • Why, oh why didn’t someone tell him that doing his video campaign ad while drunk was a bad idea.

Maybe my cousin Chris who lives in Tennessee (state slogan – America at Its Best) can shed some light… Chris?