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August 1st, 2010:

The Tony Clement gazebo – on video!

While back in my old haunts yesterday, I HAD to see what all the fuss was about re: the Great And Spectacular Orrville Gazebo.

After all, national media has been focused on the said open walled structure – much of it critical. But I decided to put my bias aside and do two things: interview the gazebo and take some pics of the Sacred gazebo.

The interview. Well. It didn’t go so well. The gazebo just kinda sat there being a gazebo and not uttering a word.

Damn. I was hoping for something quotable.

But the pics and vid… that’s something different!

Here is me – taking in the atmosphere. I was, needless to say, dumbstruck.

In reality, I do indeed have a face, but in fear of retribution from the gazebo’s “muscle”, I choose to remain anonymous.

But check out the vid. Be awed. Be in wonder. Awed at why it took 100K to build this thing and in wonder about why do we let this government continue as our government.