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Russian bombers “happen” to demonstrate why the Forces need new toys…

I cannot believe THIS is just a coincidence!

I mean, what are the odds of something like this going down just at the time where there is increasing attention on the Cons’ sole source purchase of brand new fighter jets at a cost to the Canadian taxpayer of 23 gazillion dollars?

Pretty long, eh?

Cool! But I wonder if we need them...

I’m not saying that this is a made up news item or that somehow during the Gee-Ate or Gee-Score Stevo passed Dmitry a C-note to “make it happen”. But what I am saying is that these “close calls” are likely pretty commonplace – DND just isn’t in the habit of telling the public this. And they shouldn’t – for diplomatic reasons. Sure we should huff and puff at the bear when it happens, but through the appropriate channels so as to not piss them off in public. That is the way diplomacy works.

But leave it to The Robot to spin these things to his own advantage, right?


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  1. Donaldj says:

    Nation of Ottawa…

  2. Neil H. says:

    This is SUCH a non-issue; the Russians have been doing these flights for DECADES and there is absolutely nothing new or provocative about them. Of course, the right wing twits never mention that western air forces do exactly the same thing and have often pushed deeper into deeper into Russian air space than the Russians were ever allowed here. And as MoS said, the Tu-95 was being handily intercepted by Sabres, Voodoos, and Starfighters long before these warhumping clowns began spanking their pathetic little monkeys over pics of the F-35. Hell, not only is it’s radar cross section huge, but the thing is so damned noisy that our pilots can hear those godawful contra-rotating props more than a hundred feet away across the open air moving at hundreds of miles per hour, through their cockpit canopies, and inside their helmets!

    I do wish these neocon boobs would come up with something smart and original… just once.


  3. Brian says:

    We could intercept them with Zeppelins for all it matters. The game is to let them know that we know they are there and play the political game of “whose Arctic is it”. As long as the Russians still have ICBMs they aren’t going to attack using bombers.

  4. MoS says:

    Yeah, sure, a Tupolev TU-95 Bear. In service since 1955. Flailing about with 32-ginormous propeller blades that give it a radar cross section of a battleship. When the Russians threaten us with aircraft like the Bear bomber, high tech is not the issue.

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