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July 30th, 2010:

Russian bombers “happen” to demonstrate why the Forces need new toys…

I cannot believe THIS is just a coincidence!

I mean, what are the odds of something like this going down just at the time where there is increasing attention on the Cons’ sole source purchase of brand new fighter jets at a cost to the Canadian taxpayer of 23 gazillion dollars?

Pretty long, eh?

Cool! But I wonder if we need them...

I’m not saying that this is a made up news item or that somehow during the Gee-Ate or Gee-Score Stevo passed Dmitry a C-note to “make it happen”. But what I am saying is that these “close calls” are likely pretty commonplace – DND just isn’t in the habit of telling the public this. And they shouldn’t – for diplomatic reasons. Sure we should huff and puff at the bear when it happens, but through the appropriate channels so as to not piss them off in public. That is the way diplomacy works.

But leave it to The Robot to spin these things to his own advantage, right?


Friday miscellany

I’m in holiday mode and lovin’ it! Time with the kids. Beautiful weather. ReformCons blowing up in every manner imaginable. Good times, good times!

Now that I’m running for public office, I need a volunteer to jump into the Rideau River and almost, um, drown. That way I can save them and become a hero and divert attention away from all the stupid things I have done lately.

Thanks Tony!

Speaking of stupid people, seems like some of the locals around Peace River are getting tired of foul smells – though the province says it isn’t toxic – stillborn calves and dying trees, and they’re making a “stink” about it.

But this ranch is not what it was in 1929, when Mr. Langer’s father homesteaded it. An odour has rolled in, a heavy smell of tar that hangs low over the land some mornings, depending on wind patterns. Residents blame nearby oil operations, and some fear its effects.

The Langers say they had 11 stillborn calves this year, double the number they’ve ever lost before. Mr. Langer has found himself overcome by dizziness on occasion, confining the ranching patriarch to his bed on haying days. His doctors say his lungs are a patchwork of scar tissue, though he has never smoked.

His wife is begging him to leave. His grandchildren have already gone.

The stupid peeps in this case are the successive provincial governments who have put their own greed ahead of the welfare of their people and the planet. Someday the piper needed to be paid for the over exploitation of the province’s resources. And I guess for some, that time is now.

When I set my status on fb to ...has successfully reached the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in reference to the beginning of my two weeks of holidays. My brother-in-law had a great comeback:

Due to budget constraints, cost saving measures and environmental concerns the government has decided to turn off the light at the end of the tunnel. We would like to thank light for all it did in the past, but we feel that Canadians deserve a made in Canada solution.

Good one Steve!

Good post today over at Accidental Deliberations on how the Cons (well, their version of Pravda, anyhow) are saying tsk-tsk to those provinces and municipalities that are in a bit of a fiscal pickle. After pushing the lower levels of government to match infrastructure money of shovel-ready (read “photo-op ready”) projects, the Harperites are saying that the provinces got themselves in their collective mess and now they should not expect help from the feds.

Typical Con shell game. Shift the fiscal burden to the provinces and municipalities and then take credit for the economy doing oh-so-darned-well.

Taking the weekend off blogging, I think. Headed off to my hometown for a couple of days… but if there is another Harperism™ over the weekend, I may just find some time to scribble something.