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Proof positive that the Cons have jumped the shark

Doris Day himself has addressed the important issues of the “day”.

For example, he contends:

  • Who need statistics when a 12 year old can get the information for you from Wikipedia!

“We live in an information age where any 12-year-old kid can push any button on the Internet and find out any information he or she wants without threatening a citizen that they’re going to go to jail.”

Well, darn it! Yer right! I can look up just ’bout anything there, Doris! This dad-gummed interweb is all we need!

  • The national stats bureau is staffed by thousands of Colonel Klinks and Sargent Shultzs.

Treasury Board President Stockwell Day suggests prisoners of war face less onerous legal obligations to divulge information to the enemy than Canadians did under the old census regime.

“And you know, even prisoners of war only have to give their name, rank and serial number.

SHULTZ!!! Bring me Colonel Hogan right way! Schnell!

Now, it’s about time that Pierre Poilievre and John Baird make an appearance! Then all of the attack dogs will be gainfully employed!


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  1. rww says:

    Yep they can. The twelve year old can go online to the Stats Canada site and get the information compiled from the long form census.

    I bet Doris thinks we don’t need farms either because you can just go to the supermarket to get food.

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