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Clement really has a knack of getting himself into hot water

And he should stay away from Sudbury and Hamilton for a while… like forever! I know both of those towns moderately well and can say that it wouldn’t turn out well…

Good article by Carol Goar on just how big a whole Big Tony can dig himself…

Tony Clement is rapidly alienating large swaths of the population.

Folks in his goody-strewn riding of Parry Sound Muskoka think he’s a fine politician. But across the country, a large — and growing — segment of the electorate blames the industry minister for throttling Statistics Canada, allowing foreign acquisitors to pick off Canadian companies, chopping federal funding for dozens of tourist attractions and using last month’s world leaders’ meetings to funnel $50 million into his constituency.

In less than two years, Clement has chalked up a surprisingly long — and disparate — list of detractors. It extends from corporate boardrooms to church basements.


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  1. >>It extends from corporate boardrooms to church basements.


    Who cares what church basement dwellers think? Churches don’t pay taxes, they have no say. I wish we had a politician with the balls to say that out loud.

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