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Iggy needs to step up

I wonder why it is taking Iggy so long to pass comment on the latest Cons misstep….

This whole cross country tour thing should really adopt some kind of “purpose”, don’t you think? I mean, I think it is a good decision to spend the summer this way- he hasn’t a choice, really. But should he be using the same tact that has been so successful for the ReformCons… That is, have an announcement, a pronouncement or a huff of righteous indignation each and every day.

Instead, he says this:

“If you pull up in a Tim Hortons in Napanee, there better be somebody there. It’s simple. You can’t win without troops,” Ignatieff said in an interview with the Star as he was ending his first week on the road. “So all of this is what’s changing. Not has to change — it is changing. And it’s my job to catalyze it, inspire it, you know, push it.”

Huh? Read the news, Iggy, say something about it and carry on. You need to make a jolt on the electoral landscape and speaking in tongues ain’t gonna cut it! My disdain for the Cons runs deep BUT the “sound bite a day” strategy works for them!

And please, the Tim Horton’s crowd isn’t your base in the first place! Do as I suggested a while back and shore up the support you can count on and concede what is lost…. else you might run into a 1993 PC scenario… just sayin’.

One other question: where’s Jack Layton these days? Or Elizabeth May? Have they taken the summer off?

Oh, and did everyone see this yesterday? Good data, eh?

Now guess who doesn't like to see numbers like these?


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  1. XUP says:

    Oh gawd… Ignatieff is like the embarassing dad you cringed over when you were a teenager. The one who always did or said the most retarded things when your friends were around and never seemed to give you even one opportunity to be proud of him.

  2. Anon says:


    Don’t know if you have seen this but this was an excellent post along the lines of what I think you are saying:


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