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July 19th, 2010:

Arms are flappin’…

It always amazes me what happens to the ReformCon Wunderflock when they realise they may, just may, have made a poor call on a policy stance. Like geese defending their territory, they flap their wings at the closest possible targets – even one another – while loudly and obnoxiously honking indecipherable epithets.

I hate geese.

It is also hilarious to watch The Great Tactician slip into the shadows upon realising that he may have barked up the wrong tree, thus bringing down showers of acorns, thrown by the masses of chattering squirrels, clattering upon and around him.

The response trail is predictable for this government. It reads just like a routing document. Send out the Minister “responsible” for the applicable line department first to hold up an umbrella of denial and justification. Then, if that doesn’t work, then the Robot says “release the hounds!”, and various bobble heads with different degrees of intelligence coming trotting out with yet more and bigger umbrellas.

First, have a former minister announce that yes, the decision taken was indeed wise and good for Canada, given his vast knowledge of the file. And of course, he will add, this nonsense is just another Liberal scheme to deflect attention away from their leader’s plane tickets in his breast pocket.

He is, he will say, just visiting. You know.

When the squirrels heave a collective ho-hum and begin the assault anew, then Stevo brings out the big guns.

So, on the coming days and weeks, expect a parade of Bairds, Ambroses, Days and Toews to coming running to that tree. All holding up umbrellas while flapping their wings and honking words that at best are laughable and at worst incoherent.

It doesn’t matter if it is funding for maternal health, Gee-score security or whatever the latest brouhaha is all about, the pattern is always the same.

But watch, like the other times that those chattering rodents got their knickers in twists, Our Dear Leader will not budge an inch from that tree.