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Iggy can’t catch a break

As the Grit leader heads off on his summer tour, one main question comes to the mind of this middle aged bald fellow:

Will this be a tour of triumph, like the U2 tours of the 1990’s… complete with spectacular polytechnics, revolving stages and great solos?

Or will be more like a farewell tour? Like one of those aging bands that played at Bluesfest recently, is this one final grasp and grasp at the brass ring?

Well, unfortunately for MI, his Great Canadian Adventure started out looking more like the Moody Blues than Bono and The Edge.

Aren’t buses destined for a long summertime journey not checked for mechanical soundness beforehand?

At least they have a red tow truck..

The Cons, of course, were all over this:

“This can’t be a great start to the tour… Hopefully the local mechanic services imports,” Conservative talking points said.

So, what can he do to rescue his own and his party’s fortunes? Is there anything. Really?

My thoughts are that this question must be broken down into two separate questions.

First, can he save his own personal fortunes as the leader of Canada’s Natural Governing Party?

I doubt it. He has been branded too deeply by the Harperites as an arrogant, distant intellectual… sorta the same as Harpy except for the “intellectual” part. But the Timmies crowd has bought into this hook, line and sinker and I really don’t know what Iggy can do to reverse this. Mitigate it, maybe… but not reverse it completely. The Con machine came together on this one.

The second question is : But he can shore up his party’s fortunes by cementing the core supporters into place for the next election?

Maybe. If he listens to advice like the following.

Mr Ignatieff:

Don’t go to rural areas where Con support and coffee shops abound! Forget about the Prairies! Stick to places where there has historically and recently been strong support for your party! Stick to the cities and ‘burbs, not farms and small towns. The countryside has been lost – for now-  so leave it up to the next leader to mend those fences and broaden the base.

Go to Toronto. To Ottawa. Vancouver. Montreal. And other urban centres where, if your core support comes out to vote for you, Canada’s hopes to avoid a Con majority may be realised.

Cuz we all know what THAT would mean!

  • Mandatory religion “education” in schools.
  • Mandatory jail time for possession of any amount of pot.
  • Obliteration of environmental regs.
  • State-imposed censorship through selective information dissemination.
  • Easing of gun laws.
  • Laws restricting abortion.
  • Reintroduction of the death penalty.
  • More gutting of government services…

Wait a minute, am I talking about what would happen if Harper got a majority or the tea-partiers nut bars in the States?

Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Yeah, I know that is a lot to speculate about – but give Harper a term or two with a Majority and we’ll see if I’m just being alarmist!

Sincerely, from a non-Grit and non-partisan,




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  1. XUP says:

    Nothing is irreversible. We were able to reverse the Mulroney years…sort of…

  2. trashee says:

    You’re not the only one thinking about that… but some of the damage that the Cons would do would be irreversible.

  3. XUP says:

    I think he can save himself the trouble of campaigning. He’s just been a huge disappointment from pretty much the moment he left the gate. Here we were all psyched for someone who could finally hold their own against Harper (especially after the Dion fiasco) and then Iggy turns out to be just a bobble-head. I almost always vote liberal, but I can’t see me being able to bring myself to vote for this guy. He’s flatlined. There’s no sign of life. In a bold move of reverse psychology I may even vote Tory in hopes that they get a majority so Harper can show his full and true colours while the liberals regroup and find a real leader who will then finally and irrecoverably topple the blue machine. That could work, right?? Right???

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