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July 11th, 2010:

Soap gets in the eyes of a gee-score security a**hole…

OK. I know that some of you are all… ohhhh… poor, poor cops having to put up with raging anarchists with rocks and stuff…

But bubbles? Yes, bubbles.

C’mon. Really.

Just another example of how far dudes wearing uniforms will push it to the limit just because they have a uniform, a Mylar vest, a Taser and a big gun.

Things haven’t changed that much since the ’60’s and Ohio State, have they? And still there are those so-called “reasonable people” who defend their actions in the name of public peace and security.

Detergent in their eyes? Shit, man.

I hope there’s a public inquiry and these morons are taken to task.


I guess it’s Spain fer sure…

After all, who am I to argue with an octopus named Paul?

Hope it’s a good match with lots of scoring! This is the best opportunity to attract new fans to the Beautiful Game!

I’ve flip-flopped over who to cheers for… but I gotta go with Holland because of their style of play… though I will be quietly rooting for Arsenal’s Robin van Persie.. the AWESOME Dutch striker!