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June 30th, 2010:

Tough decisions

We all have to make them from time to time – tough decisions that is.

Usually there is a time limit on these choices because beyond a certain point in time, the choice of whether to go with Option A or B becomes moot.

There are also varying degrees of impact of one decision over another. Sometimes for some people, the selection of one path forward over another has impacts that radiate out from yourself to others.

I am faced with one of these choices right now and have been agonising over what to do for over a month now.

Note to family and friends… And Mom… I’m fine. It’s all good. This isn’t about anything bad or negative or anything like that. Chill.

This is a choice that, if I choose to take one path, there will be impacts on my time and energy, my family and perhaps even my career. It would be a commitment that I would not be able to back away from – if I were successful in achieving my goal that would be the preferred end result of my decision.

Later nights…. would have to stay up past 10 pm on some nights (??!!) Less time with the kids… though I would try to avoid this consequence as much as humanly possible. Likely wouldn’t have the spare energy to continue my climb up the corporate food chain… though I am kind of happy where I am right now.

The upside of choosing to take the challenge on over choosing the status quo is big. Little pecuniary advantage, but a huge thumbs up for my own personal goals and – if I am any good at it – my community.

The thing is that I’m getting to a point where I have to either fish or cut bait. And I’m having a hard time doing so. I am not normally like this; I tend to make hard choices fairly easily.

So, what do you do when faced with difficult decisions? Put them off as long as possible and then go with your gut? Do you have a hard-wried decision tree ingrained on your brain. Do you flip a coin?


mayorlarry… Will he or won’t he?


Yup, he’s running… it’s official.

In an election where there isn’t a single burning issue, the campaign will likely come down to a question of leadership, and leadership is personal.

“I hope it is about leadership because leadership is about getting things done,” O’Brien said. “If you want milquetoast and calmness and the chief of protocol, then you know who you can vote for.”

Yeah – I’d hate the Mayor to be calm… rather have him or her running around in a panic… that would get things done.

Municipal election season is underway.


So Ottawa Mayor is holding a press conference today to announce his intention that he will fight for his Chains of Office again in this fall’s municipal elections.

I think I have been clear about where I stand with this guy… not really his biggest fan in spite of the fact that he is a fellow BBC adherent.

But I hope he runs! I’d never vote for him – haven’t decided yet who I will support as Mayor of Bytown – but he makes GREAT blog fodder! Between him and that nitwit at the head of the ATU, I have penned some of my fave posts!

Go Larry!

Oh, I’ll be attending the BOLO event at Irene’s next week. Come on out for an evening of laughter and good times!