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The Grits have officially lost me…Iggy – bye-bye…

Sorry gang. Hugs all around. I was a Liberal Party member until the party mandarins decided that Dion was the best thing to take on Harpy.

That ended well, didn’t it?

And yeah. I have been sympathetic to Iggy as I felt that he was getting his land legs. He’s a smart guy, after all. I’m a smart guy. So I can relate to another smart guy.

Takes a while to get the hang of being the leader of Canada’s Natural Governing party, ya know.

BUT. I can’t stand by this.

Who is advising you Mr. Ignatieff? Homer Simpson?

Iggy trying to out pander to the right wing of the nation by saying that our armed forces are gonna stay in Afghanistan till the cows comes home is the deal breaker for me, folks.

No way, no how.

Why bother? The right wing zealots in rural Ontario or in Alberta, Saskatchewan or the interior of B.C. were never gonna vote for ya anyhow!

With some regret and much disappointment, I officially denounce this leader. As well as the party he represents until Liberals get with the game and realise that they are supposed to be a progressive alternative for Canadian voters – not regressive. They are trying to out right-wing the DeceptiCons!

I need an alternative. Not more of the same.

I. Am. Seriously. Pissed.

I can remember only once in my political consciousness when I was this pissed and that was when the Grits did not rail against the machine in 1988… Turner could have gone for the throat but did not.

And my so-called political consciousness goes back to ’78.

Message to Roy Romanow. Do you want to set up a new centre-left party comprised of disenchanted Grits and Dippers?

Call me. I’ll give you money and time.


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  1. JimBobby says:

    Ken sez : Ignatieff may be the leader of the Liberal Party in name, but he’s certainly not a leader.

    Dang right! Not only is he certainly not a leader, he’s not even liberal.

    We got a big tent at the GPC and we welcome Liberals in search of a liberal party.

  2. Ken says:

    Ignatieff may be the leader of the Liberal Party in name, but he’s certainly not a leader.

    I think he purposely takes positions that are opposite to the Conservatives’ positions because that’s what he thinks he’s supposed to do. Oppose everything just “because”. As a result, you get a dysfunctional parliament because all they do is bicker amongst themselves.

  3. trashee says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…
    That beautiful song by Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo comes to mind… Homeless, homeless…

  4. ck says:

    You know that this merger would never swing. The math just isn’t there.

    I also recall you even agreeing with me that much of Canada has shifted to the right, so such a coalition would never work.

    They are not a left wing party per se but a big tent party; they also appeal to center right voters, or at least they did until harpercon media steered them rightward.

    And if you recall reading about Steve in his glory days of NCC and REform and what he would do to Canada; it’s scary stuff. I for one can’t entertain a Harpercon majority. Whatever Iggy’s faults; he is and will remain the lesser of the evils next to ol’ Steve.

    Gotta stop having those lofty dreams as these days, it’s all about what is the lesser of the two evils; not about what we dream about.

    I also recall you agreeing with me that the detaineed document issue was a terrible one to go to election with due to the growing prejudices of Canadians since 9/11.

    I am more puzzled as to why the Bloc went along with this deal today.

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