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Hug a Public Servant this week!

Yup! It’s Public Service Week again – where we in the PS pat ourselves on the back and say “Way to go! You still have a job!”
Some Departments do a lot for their employees, others do not. I am fairly fortunate to work in a place that sets aside time for their employees to take part in various activities both in the Department and elsewhere. I’m not one of those employees since I am way too busy right now to go to picnics, etc. 😉
But that’s just me. I do encourage my staff to partake…
So why not hug one of us this week? It may be a spouse, your Dad or Mum, a nephew or niece or maybe not a family member at all!
How about that cute blond with the Health Canada lanyard that you’ve been riding the bus with for the last 6 months? She might appreciate a hug. And you will appreciate the restraining order!
How about that annoying neighbour who works at the Coast Guard? Or the Corporal in the Forces? Or that young couple who work for Treasury Board? Hug ’em, dammit!
A word of warning though – it is important that you confirm they are indeed part of the PS and not a political staffer. Look at the ID card carefully. Hugging a staffer will get you in varying degrees of trouble depending on their party.
  • A ReformCon will likely Taser you.
  • A Grit will try to merge with you – opposite sez be damned!
  • A Dipper will lecture you on the social inappropriateness of hugging
  • A Bloquiste will hug back… with tongue… but then pick your pocket and seperate
  • And a Green Party staffer will, uh, will.. uh – are there any of these critters?
Some messages from our boss and the GG… not that these turn my crank…
Hi everyone:
I wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy National Public Service Week.
It has been a busy and challenging year during which the public service has accomplished a lot.  We have mounted humanitarian operations and offered relief to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, we have facilitated the hosting of the enormously successful 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we helped contain the H1N1 pandemic, and we helped develop and implement the Economic Action Plan.
Public service in Canada can mean a number of things. Public servants make important scientific discoveries, participate in rescue efforts, develop emergency preparedness plans, contribute to the public health system, as well as develop and implement programs for Canadians, to name just a few examples. They live and work throughout Canada and abroad. With more than 277,000 employees, the Public Service of Canada is a diverse, representative group of dedicated professionals.
During National Public Service Week, it is important to take stock and celebrate our successes.  All of us work hard day in and day out serving Canadians, supporting ministers, and protecting Canadian values and interests both here and abroad.  We take pride in our work and we can be very proud of our accomplishments.
It is going to be a great week.  Have a well deserved and wonderful celebration, everyone!
Wayne G. Wouters
Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet

National Public Service Week

Message from Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, on the occasion of National Public Service Week, June 13 to 19, 2010

June 12, 2010

National Public Service Week, June 13 to 19, 2010, is another wonderful opportunity for me to applaud the remarkable contribution federal public servants make to building this country of infinite possibilities.

Canada’s public service is rightly known for its tradition of impartiality, its dedication to excellence, and its constant focus on the common good. But we really have our federal public servants—who perform their duties with passion, devotion and integrity—to thank for this enviable reputation. They continually improve the quality of the services they deliver by remaining sensitive to the needs of all their fellow citizens.

I would like to thank all the women and men who, day after day, in a spirit of respect and solidarity, help keep the wheels of government turning and ensure the well being of all Canadians.

Michaëlle Jean


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  1. trashee says:

    Hey! I was trying to be funny!
    Didn’t you see the winky dude beside the sentence? 😉

  2. XUP says:

    “I’m not one of those employees since I am way too busy right now to go to picnics, etc.” See, that’s exactly how problems begin. No matter how much you encourage “staff” to participate in stuff, when they see that their manager is too important and too busy to take time to celebrate with them, it takes a lot of the fun out of it believe it or not. Eventually, more senior staff will start to feel that if their manager is too busy, then maybe they should be too and then THEY stop participating. Until eventually no one is participating except students. Which is pretty much what happened in our department. Us lowly staff really hate it when managers do that, you know. REALLY. It makes us feel like your work is so much more important than ours. It makes us feel like children who are given permission to play, while the grown-ups continue on with their busy, important work. And it makes a lot of staff feel guilty for celebrating — like they really shouldn’t be — because if there’s a celebration of public servants, why aren’t the managers taking part? It feels like they’re only allowing us to do it because it’s more or less mandated and if they had their way they’d do away with the whole thing. So, while I’m sure you are an extremely important cog in your particular wheel, I would strongly urge you to go celebrate your job and your staff with them. Otherwise, you’re the first push in that first slide down that slippery slope to Public Service week apathy.

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