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June 11th, 2010:

Friday miscellany…

I haven’t said anything about the so-called “Fake Lake” that has been built to simulate the Gee-Ate setting.

But being from the area, I can only hope that authenticity has been respected and that the lake has leeches, crazy-ass dudes on wave runners, broken beer bottles, loons, drunk teenagers and the water is kept at about 70 F.


Question – why is it raining every single weekend? The work weeks are full of sun but once Saturday arrives – poof! It pours!

I blame Harper.


Good to hear that the 16 year old teen feared lost at sea has been found safe and sound – and help is on the way. Abby Sunderland was sailing through the southern Indian Ocean trying to sail around the world in the 30 foot yacht that her Daddy bought for her (does her Daddy wanna adopt a 48 yr old bald guy?).

BUT – I have two three problems with her being out there in the first place:

1) What parent in there right mind would allow their child (she is a child) to do this? I can only imagine that the Father is a publicity seeking fool who is willing to risk her own daughter’s life for time in the limelight, and

2) Who is paying for the search and rescue operation? I’m sure the Aussies don’t want to foot the bill for that Airbus 320 that was chartered to find her. Nor the French for sending that rescue boat to fetch her.

3) Putting all else aside, it’s WINTER in the Southern Hemisphere! Why not wait till their summer when the weather is much calmer?


I wrecked one of my good shirts the other day. Is there a way to remove ink stains short of dying the whole shirt the colour of the ink?


My Mom Facebooked me with this:

We had a bear or bears here sometime in the night. Dumped all the flower pots and left there calling card on the lawn. love, mom

Quick! Someone call the Gee-Ate organisers! My Mom and Dad’s house is a quick 40 minutes from the conference and someone had better do something about these terrorist anarchist bears before they ruin Harpy’s show! Use some of those BILLION dollars wisely, eh?

Or maybe catch ’em and ship ’em to the Fake Lake along with the leeches! Use Don Cherry as bait!