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The City of Toronto believes in forgiveness of fines – if you are religious

The Toronto City council just released previously secret guidelines on canceling tickets.

Some of the exemptions are perfectly reasonable, taxis, nursing agencies, security companies, tour buses… all are permitted a bit more latitude than your average Joe.

But, the more religious among us are granted a kind of immunity not afforded to non-believers…

Parking consideration is given to religious groups by Toronto Police to afford members of congregations to attend worship. This consideration is granted for worship services only.
Exemptions are granted for parking in prohibited areas or at meters
1 – Park at expired meter
5 – Park signed highway during prohibited (times/days) (excluding rush hour)
6 – Park signed highway in excess of permitted time
The religious group must provide a letter from the Minister/Pastor/Holy Man or a copy of the bulletin.
SO, to sum up, if you go to church, T.O. will bow to your spiritual wisdom and grant you amnesty from parking fines???
What a crock! Churches don’t pay the property taxes that should be their responsibility, and now this????
Two school systems in Ontario based on this weird notion of faith… resulting in tens of millions of wasted resources. All because a small but vocal minority of the population want their kids to believe that some dead mythical creature will somehow save them from  eternal suffering???????
I enter a church ONLY if there is a wedding or a funeral that I MUST and for no other reason… we atheists are like that.
But because of their superstitious and medieval beliefs, christians, jews, muslims or whatever are granted a privilege not granted to me!
Next time in Toronto, I will intentionally park somewhere I shouldn’t, wander a short distance away to a bench and start my own impromptu little church of a congregation of one.
I’ll name it Trashy’s Church of the Holy Ale… yeah… that’s the ticket…


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  1. ck says:

    Your church sounds like fun! Bring it To Montreal & I’ll join

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