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June 5th, 2010:

Um, Jays fans????

You really should start to pay attention…


I REALLY have to wonder about our American neighbours sometimes…

… although I completely realize that MOST Americans are NOT like these buffoons… still….

Check this out.

An elementary school in a place called Prescott, Arizona is a pretty diverse place to be. White, blacks and Mexican Americans all attend and, well, they seem to get along.

I say they seem to get along because recently there was a vote taken by the kids on what their new school mural should look like. And guess what, they chose one that depicts their own faces.. the white one, brown ones and black ones.

OK. If you are prone to high BP when you see or read something that is so fucking warped (no, I don’t use that word in these spaces that often, but this merits the f-bomb), that you can literally feel the blood pounding thorough your arteries, then sit down before reading on.

The mural has been defaced. The kids have been taunted by cowardly racist slurs. Even a local politician, who also happens to be a talk radio host (my note: why doesn’t that surprise me) has taken up the “cause”, demanding that the faces be “lightened” or that the mural be removed completely!

This how Wonkette describes things:

And these children, for the past several months as this happy mural encouraging “green transportation” was being painted by local artists, have been treated to the city of Prescott’s finest citizens driving by and yelling “Nigger” and “Spic” at this school wall painted with pictures of the children who attend the school. And this has been encouraged by a city councilman, Steve Blair, who uses his local radio talk show to rile up these people and demand the mural be destroyed.

Again – this is an ELEMENTARY school: Kindergarten to Grade 5.

What shit is this? How can there be such crap that still goes on in this seemingly “enlightened” and progressive society to the south?

Some morons are even saying that is more Obama propaganda!

So, you’d think the school would tell these racist assholes to hit the road, right?


So after all the bickering and utter batshit insanity, the school’s principal, Jeff Lane, asked that the faces be lightened. Not because of the race thing or the racist stuff! Ha ha ha, not at all! But because tonally — like artistic tonally, not color tonally — the painting wasn’t working:

We asked them to fix the shading on the children’s faces. We were looking at it from an artistic view. Nothing at all to do with race.


Crap. I have to stop writing. I feel my own BP going up!

The tones seem OK to me!