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Contest! Post the best example of pork barrel politics!

That’s right folks, give me your best examples of public money being used for no other reason but to garner votes and you will get not one, not two but THREE electronic high-fives on this blog!

Unwavering respect! Admiration of your peers! Having your name put on a political party’s “hit list” will be yours if you can top my example of pork barrel spending gone wild!

Seems that Minister of Industry and Bags of Money with Dollar Signs, Tony “how-ya-doin'” Clement thought it a good idea to give the fine folks of the burg of Orrville, Ontario a – you-guessed-it – BIG BAG OF MONEY to build a gazebo for the upcoming Gee-Ate Summit in nearby (well, not really that near… more like fifty kicks near) Huntsville.

Now, anyone with a glimmer of common sense will tell you that this is a damn fine idea! Why, what if President Obama decides to sneak away for a smoke? What better place than a bucolic place like Orrville? Though, that may not be he greatest idea as, if I recall correctly, the gazebo is pm the site of the old general store. And that store once had gas pumps… with leaky underground tanks….

You see, like the writer of the newspaper article, I’m from that area too, so know of what he speaks. Orrville is indeed a hole in the wall of a hole in the wall – except smaller. And folks, there is no conceivable way that a gazebo in Orrville can at all be connect to the Gee-Ate.

I have written before about the flagrant vote buying that the Cons are famous for, and someone always comments that the Grits did the same.

So here is my challenge for you to take up. Find me a better example of pork barrel politics – by any party in Canada. And I will publish it along with a retraction that a gazebo in Orrville may only be second-best!


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  1. Ken says:

    $100k? That’s it? Pfffftttt!!!


    On a more personal level, Jean Chrétien has been involved in numerous scandals dealing with the giving-out of government money to private companies in his constituency Examples of this are when Chrétien gave a grant of 2 million dollars to the new owners/his old friends of the Gran-Mere Hotel, in order to renovate. As well, Chrétien granted money to a Golf club in his constituency for no particular reason. Upon being questioned, Chrétien claimed to not have realized the location of the golf course.

    $2 MILLION OF GOVERNMENT MONEY. How’s that for your contest?

  2. Oh… where to begin.

    1. The shafting of the maritime shipbuilders in favour of “shoring up” the “flagging” Quebec shipbuilding industy (where no ships had been built in 200 years) by splitting the Navy’s frigate contract with Quebec despite the vastly superior capabilities of NB, NS, NL, and ON. Decided back before the summer of 1983, this $966 million (1983) fiasco was a clear political ploy to buy cool points in Quebec at any cost. This was a Liberal government under John Turner. Time would show the Quebec built ships to be inferior and require refit and modification.

    2. In 1986, the PCs under Mulroney, awarded a maintenance contract for the CF-18 to Bombardier in Quebec, despite a superior bid (cheaper, and more capable) by a Winnipeg company. This action was motivated, again, to score points in Quebec at any cost and helped spawn the Reform party, leading to the very government we have today.

    3. Ontario Liberals doling out cheques in advance of the HST this week.

    4. The TTC Eglinton subway expansion funded to shore up flagging confidence in the Ontario NDP, and later cancelled by the Ontario PCs. This was hundreds of millions of dollars.

    5. Chretien showered Shawinigan with love, not the least of which was a tax centre being moved there, but there are so many others it’s difficult to list them all.

    So a few hundred thousand for a gazebo? No worries at all.

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