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More rumblings about a centre/left merger… again

There is an interesting opinion piece in the Star today penned by Glenn Wheeler on how it is up to the rank and file of the Grits and Dippers to start the coalition ball rolling.

To be clear – while I have been a member of both parties in the past, I am not so currently. But one thing I am sure of is that I am a progressive.  And I would actively support any arrangement that would move the progressive agenda forward to counter the social conservatism that has been dominant on the Hill for the past several years.

But – sigh – this has been talked about again and again and again… so I am slightly less than optimistic that an effective coalition under strong and clear leadership is waiting in the wings.

To the leaderships of both parties – put the egos aside and start working toward a partnership that would provide Canada with a clear and progressive path forward!


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  1. Ken says:

    “People of conscience — NDP and Liberal — please stand up.”

    This is why I’m not a fan of left-leaning politics: That one line, in the whole article, implies that those of the right are not people of conscience. It’s really quite insulting to think that the left-leaning people in this country really believe that of those of us that are right-leaning.

    I want what’s best for this country just as much as the left does. I just do it differently.

  2. XUP says:

    It’s really our only hope of ever defeating the Tories again. But they need a helmsman who isn’t Layton or what’s-his-creepy-face. Alone neither of these parties even has a reason for existence anymore.

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