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Jason Kenney – liar extraordinaire…

Thanks to Sister Sage’s Musings for this… hilarious example of how the Cons say one thing but but do another… yeah, yeah, (anticipating Squid and Ken) they all do this – but catching someone (especially JK) red-handed is especially satisfying!


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  1. Ken says:

    Ha! What a chump. He got caught…

  2. trashee says:

    @ Squid-dude – Sure – your edit is accurate.. but Dave makes a point that I have been making from time to time… just because pols used to do some kind of despicable, in-your-face act or just straight up lie, does not make it acceptable for someone else to do it… and I think you know me (blog-wise, anyway) well enough by now that I would be lambasting the Grits or the Dippers (made you shudder!) if they were in power and pulling crap like this… as much as the Grits had their share of boyz and girlz behaving badly, the Cons have made it an art form!
    Just out of curiosity – and me being a big PET fan and a bit of a student of the man – what specifically did Trudeau do that was similar to this?
    @ck – yeah, I knew that. But I’d rather give you credit than YouTube!

  3. Dave 1949 says:

    Now why on earth ES would like to dredge up Trudeau is a bit beyond me. Is it that he feels if one politician misbehaves or misuses his power it is then Ok for all later politicians to do the same thing or does he just long for the good old days when the cons were not in power and therefore weren’t to blame for the incredible screwups in policy, and pronouncements they keep showing us now.

  4. ck says:

    Thanks for the link Trashy. But, I found the video on so many bloggers’ sites before I decorated my page with it.

    He is nothing if not hilarious.

  5. hilarious example of how the Conspoliticians say one thing but but do another

    There, edited for factual correctness.

    We both know I can come up with a load of higher-profile Liberal examples (cough)Trudeau(cough), so I won’t bother 🙂

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