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Rand Paul gets whupped

I love to watch rightwing, libertarian nutbars like Rand Paul get whupped and end up looking like a fool at the hands of a good interviewer.

This guy is running for the GOP Senate nomination in Kentucky.

Thanks to Jason Lamarche for putting this on his Facebook profile.


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  1. trashee says:

    You’re right and I think she realized that herself late in life.
    But morons like Paul aren’t even really following the philosophies of libertarians like Rand… they are simply cherry-picking those aspects of the philosophies that suit their purposes.

  2. ck says:

    You know, I was always curious about one thing; that if any of these self-professed Ayn Rand fans actually read her biographies, she would have proved that objectivism and that libertarianism in it’s purity is unattainable. She couldn’t even practise what she preached.

  3. trashee says:

    Hi Steve – yeah extremists – whethe they be on the left or on the right – love wedge issues. That is one reason why public discourse in the 21st century is so polarised.

  4. John, this tells a tale longer than the length of the interview. I am all for fresh voices coming to the front, but damn I am burned when they idiots try to play the nice guy card. I did not know much about Dr. Paul previously, but seeing this video reminded me of the disappointment that I felt when I realized what a flake Gov. Palin was. Until I heard her speak I was thinking: “Great: “A young, fresh voice from outside they typical path, perhaps a right leaning Bill Clinton. This could be interesting” Then she spoke…. and now Rand Paul has joined the chorus. I have to give him credit for attempting to link bearing arms in public areas to segragation. As dumb and stupid and shortsighted and harmful as it is, he succeeded in creating a wedge issue. Wedges = Capital in Politics equally in Canada and the USA.

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