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Rabid bats and my Hab-hate…


Dave read this on TSN this afternoon.


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TSN’s Dave Hodge sounds off on all the hockey issues of the day in Hodgemail. Write in to answer Dave’s weekly question and watch the NHL on TSN on Sunday afternoon to see if he reads your response.

With the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs in the record books, Heritage and Official Languages Minister James Moore caused a little bit of debate earlier this month when he wrote, “The Canucks are Canada’s team in these playoffs,” in a tweet.

What someone forgot to tell him was the Montreal Canadiens – along with the Canucks – were also alive and well in the postseason grind.

Well, there’s no debate over Canada’s team now.

With stunning seven-game victories over the President’s Trophy-winning Washington Captials and the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins (and the Canucks eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks) the bleu, blanc et rouge are the toast of the nation – with Canadiens fans from Montreal to St. John’s to Victoria singing, ‘Ole, ole, ole…” together in unison.

Hey, are you singing too?

Are you putting away that Leaf jersey for the summer and putting your hands together for Les Glorieux?

Are you taking the Senators licence plate cover off your car and flying a Canadiens flag?

Are you taking a break from the Taylor vs. Tyler debate in Edmonton to cheer for P.K. Subban?

With that all said, here’s Dave’s question to you: “If you weren’t a Habs fan before, are you now?”

And here are the answers that Dave liked best:

“To convert from the Leafs to the Habs would be heresy. After all, we Leaf fans get the ladies because they know we’re loyal.” Josh – New Brunswick

“I’m a hardcore Flames’ fan, but I’ve extended by love to all NHL teams that wear red home jerseys with a big “C” on them.”  Ryan – Lethbridge, AB

“I don’t like this argument that Canadian fans have to cheer for Canadian teams. What’s wrong with cheering for Canadian players?” Trevor – Alberta

“I would prefer to have my eyes gouged by rabid bats soaked in fermented vinegar than cheer for Montreal. Any enemy of the Habs is a friend of mine.” John – Ottawa

“I guess I’ll join the bandwagon. I can’t afford to pay to see the Leafs lose, so I’ll cheer for a team with heart, passion and a long history of success.” James – Toronto

And Dave’s Reply To All:

Another Torontonian explained to me that the reason he’s not hoping for the Canadians should not be misunderstood. He just thinks Philadelphia’s story is the more uplifting of the two. So he wants me to believe that he’s cheering for Philly without actually cheering against Montreal.
“How very diplomatic”, I said to this lifetime Leafs fan, “but you hate Philadelphia.”
Ah, he said, “but not as much as I hate Montreal.”
I believe it’s all in fun, except for the rabid bats.

Habs suck!


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