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U.S. christian fundamentalists happy as hell about Harpy… and the anti-CBC rants go on and on…

The Harperite social conservatives are crowing with glee over the Con’s refusal to recognize that access to inexpensive and safe abortions are key factors in maternal health. And so is the American anti-choice lobby.

“Under President Bush, we had the Mexico City policy, which prohibited exporting abortion. As you know, with President (Barack) Obama, he repealed that policy,” Janet Morana, founder of a pro-life group called Silent No More, told reporters in Ottawa on Thursday morning.

“And so we’re very pleased to see that Canada is taking that pro-life stance, meaning they’re not going to export dollars overseas for abortion.”

Stevo must be grinning from ear to ear with the news that the U.S. christian fundamentalists are in his corner!

Despite this, support for the DeceptiCons is staying rather stable according to the new EKOS poll.

What I can’t figger is WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEEPS??? I mean, who are those idiots are are saying to the pollsters that they would actually VOTE for Harper or one of his robot minions! I just don’t “get” that!

In other news, Cons are saying that the big bad ol’ MotherCorp is waging what they call a “faith war” against the ReformCons.

In a memo to supporters, the backroom operatives note that this is just the next step in the CBC’s “ongoing campaign against the Conservative Party.” At issue is a story about the rise of the right-wing religious groups and their connections to the Stephen Harper’s government that ran on The National last night.

The piece – which, as Tories armed with stopwatches note, ran “a full eight minutes in length” – was inspired by the release of a new book, The Armageddon Factor by journalist Marci McDonald, in which she investigates the right-wing religious movement in Canada and its ties to Stephen Harper and his government.

*Snicker* – “backroom operatives” I love that term. I wonder what they look like?

Yeah. Something like that, I would imagine. ‘Cept he needs to be wearing a crucifix and holding a stopwatch…

Anyhow, isn’t the CBC just stating the painfully obvious?

Of course the Reformatories are in bed with the religious right! Fundamentalists believe that an old guy with a beard lives in the clouds – ready to judge and smite all of we infidels! And really, does anyone with an IQ over 100 think that most of the Con caucus has the elementary intelligence to understand that believing in such things is about as legitimate as believing in leprechauns?

Of course not.

Stop the anti-CBC rants, Cons… outside of your wacko base of support in the west, you’re not going to gain much support because, well, most folks LIKE the CBC!


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  1. ck says:

    These people make me sick; I mean, nauseous. It has gotten to the point that before I read something from the Fetus fetishist sub-culture, I have to make sure I’m reading this on an empty stomach.

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