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May 7th, 2010:

Why not a coalition?

Coalitions? say it ain’t so!

What’s that you say? They ARE legal in the U.K. and there WAS one (though ultimately a failed one) in the ’70s?

And since we in Canada have the same system of government AND whose legal system is descended from British Common Law (and the French Civil Code – but not in Constitutional matters), does that mean that a coalition would be OK here too?

I wonder if the political right in Britain will raise as much of a hue and cry over it as the Harperites did here?

On another front, please read this great piece by John Ibbitson that was published in yesterday’s Globe.

The lancet – one of the world’s preeminent medical journals – has come down hard on the ReformCon decision to refuse to fund abortion services in Third World countries.

Critics fear the Conservatives, if they were to get a majority, would move to limit abortion rights in Canada. The Prime Minister’s actions give credence to those fears.

The Lancet urged that Canada’s stand “should be challenged by the G8” and that they should create together “a final maternal health plan that is based on sound scientific evidence and not prejudice.” Yes.

The Conservatives seem chronically unable to earn the trust of 40-per-cent-plus of voters who would give them their majority government. There is always another agenda, there is always game-playing and in consequence the government never seems sincere, it never seems able to convince people that it wants to do what’s right.

Damn right. If the Cons are given a majority, you can bet your bottom doallar that harper will have to pay back the religious conservative zealots from the west who have been the base of the