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Could a spill happen in Canada’s north? You betcha!

The Hamilton Spectator reports that there isn’t a plan in place for dealing with a natural disaster similar to what we are seeing unfold in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pending final approvals, Scottish oil company Cairn Energy plans to drill four wells this summer in offshore leases west of Greenland’s Disko Island — right next to the international boundary with Canada.

The company’s previous offshore experience has been in the Indian Ocean, but spokesman David Nisbet said Cairn would take all possible precautions in its first venture into the Arctic.

Ah! Trust us! We have gained a vast amount of experience in northern drilling from our work in the Indian Ocean!


Experts agree there’s no good way to clean oil from waters that are more than 30 per cent covered by ice. Once oil gets under that ice, there’s little chance of removing or even tracking it.

Head Dipper, Jack Layton, is rightfully called for increased scrutiny of oil company operations in the north.

Mr. Layton cited efforts by major oil companies to relax safety regulations for offshore drilling in the Arctic Beaufort Sea. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill comes from a well operated by British Petroleum, which is also among firms pushing for an exemption up North.

Liberal environment and energy critic David McGuinty, who has been raising concerns about the risks of Arctic drilling, says he’d also like to see Parliament tackle the matter. “It’s too bad we didn’t look at this earlier,” Mr. McGuinty said. “This is a real wake up call,” he said of the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Damn right, boys. Put the pressure on the Harperites NOW.  Canadians are paying attention to this quite carefully and this ups the chance that Stevo will follow through and take another look at our own regs and those of other countries where drilling activities may impact water and ice in Canadian territory.


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  1. XUP says:

    I kind of agree with ck. I don’t think anything is going to happen until something happens. That’s how it usually works isn’t it? Closing the barn door after the cows have escaped? We wait until a devastating ice storm before thinking about putting power lines underground. We don’t increase security until a couple of buildings have been blown up. We don’t do anything about our fuel gluttony until the fuel is all gone. Because until the problem is real (e.g.: has actually happened to us) we don’t care about it.

  2. ck says:

    Funny, I just watched a story about Peace River and other rural communities in North East British Columbia, how oil drilling is becoming more and more of a regular happening, not to mention probably more semis and 18 wheelers travelling about than on the Trans Canada highway and how the inhabitants of the community want these oil people out and how the RCMP is suspecting anyone who so much as speaking out against the oil companies’ projects get arrested.

    I wonder how free speech warriors like Ezzy IrreLevant and Mark Steyn would feel about that? But then, since the issue is simply an unimportant soshalist one, they wouldn’t care, in fact, they’d applaud it.

    I’m telling you Trashy, if my husband and I were younger, thus more employable overseas, we would move to the Netherlands. More and more, I get disillusioned with Canada.

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