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…an under-FRICKIN’-ground VOLCANO of oil!

I wonder if the right wingnuts in the good ol’ US of A are still saying “Drill, baby, drill!”

Hmmm… maybe not so much at the moment, eh?

I’ve been in Pensacola and I am very, very concerned about this filth in the Gulf of Mexico,” Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said at a fundraiser for his U.S. Senate campaign Sunday night. “It’s not a spill, it’s a flow. Envision sort of an underground volcano of oil and it keeps spewing over 200,000 gallons every single day, if not more.”

an under-FRICKIN’-ground volcano of oil

Wow. Pretty descriptive.

Shurely, no one is still saying that unfettered or lightly regulated offshore drilling is the best thing to do, naw….

But wait!

As an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico grows larger by the hour, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin continues to stick to “drill, baby, drill.”

In a 30-minute speech to a Republican crowd in Kansas City Saturday, the onetime Republican vice presidential nominee dubbed the gulf spill “very tragic” but added: “I want our country to be able to trust the oil industry.”

Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! The stupids are in my head!!!!! They are eating my brain!!! Augggghhhhh!!!!!

Good read here about how Americans (and the rest of us by extension) must NOT blindly trust Big Oil…

…But this disaster needs to drill a fundamental truth into the heads of Americans.

Don’t trust Big Oil, and don’t let it set America’s agenda. Our country cannot sacrifice its economy, climate, fisheries, air and water quality at the altar of the carbon economy.

“We are looking at a wildlife disaster that is unthinkable: This could be the Exxon Valdez on steroids,” historian Douglas Brinkley, author of The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, said in an interview.

But wait, just wait… are those the sounds of  “it ain’t as bad as the liberal media is making it out to be” sounds that I hear beginning to surface… stay tuned.


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  1. I must admit a level of amazement that there is no backup system / fail safe system to prevent this sort of thing.

    Maybe it’s just me, but if i was designing an off-shore drilling platform, I’d sort of assume that the thing might well be destroyed and build in safety features to the rig and the well so that if the thing is destroyed the well stays intact. Doing so would make it easier to reconnect should the rig be destroyed, and won’t saddle me with a big cleanup bill if the worst happens.

    Of course, that would make too much sense.

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