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Why the secrecy?

The G&M is reporting that, despite the Auditor-General requests, MPs and Senators are refusing to submit their expenses for scrutiny.

I don’t get this. Why doesn’t Sheila Fraser push the issue?

Ten months ago, Auditor General Sheila Fraser formally asked two committees for permission to audit Parliament’s expenses, including the expenses of MPs and senators. She still hasn’t received a reply. Silence equals no.

Similar audits in Great Britain and Nova Scotia resulted in major scandals after revelations of major abuse.

In Ottawa, MPs and senators are determined to prevent anything like that from happening.


So, if the CRA decides to audit me (again), I can just ignore them?



But I somehow think that it wouldn’t turn out good for me.

Yeah, I do realise that all of the parties are reluctant to release this information and this is abhorrent to say the least. BUT the Harperites have trumpeted transparency-this and accountability-that since they rode their horses into Ottawa. So where are they now? I mean, what a great way to prove to nay-says like me that they really are going to carry through with all of that talk!

However, we have been down this road before, haven’t we?

Remember the Harperites when they tried to destroy the credibility of:

Now which direction do you think  Sheila Fraser’s departmental budget is going to dive toward?


But Fraser has already been warned by the PMO to play nicely. New directives from the PMO prohibit Sheila Fraser from to speaking directly to the public without vetting her comments through the PMO first. All communications must be approved by political staffers. Here in town, they are called MEPs (Message Event Proposals).

You can read about them here in The Hill Times.

In the meantime, will someone on the Hill stand up and say something about this cloak of secrecy?




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  1. trashee says:

    Because the Cons are the government right now and it is they who should be leading by example.
    But, yes, you are right. And I did say that all of the parties are reluctant to release this information. So Iggy, Jack, and Gilles should also be stepping up to the plate.
    The truth is that NONE of them want to have their expenses looked at in any detail.
    And that is disgusting.

  2. Ken says:

    Hey, Trashy.

    Instead of worrying about what the Conservatives are doing, why aren’t you demanding that the Liberals lead by example, and be forthcoming as well?

    I mean, after all: “Marcel Proulx, the Liberal MP who serves as spokesman for the board, declined requests for an interview.” If the Liberals are so great, why is Proulx declining interview requests? Why isn’t Iggster not berating Harper & the Conservatives for not being forthcoming?

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